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Manufacturers of “Diamond D” Hardware Since 1921

Edward W. Daniel, LLC has been Manufacturing, Packaging and Distributing our Quality brand of “Diamond D” Fastener Hardware for over 95 years.  In addition to our “Diamond D” products, our extensive inventory is represented by both Standard & Custom components.  Our ability to coordinate your Fastener Procurement Program with both Domestic & Import products, makes us an Innovative Leader in our industry.

At Edward W. Daniel, LLC we have the manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of Standard & Custom products to industry Quality Specifications.

At Edward W. Daniel, LLC we understand that some products require special packaging used for resale, protection or storage. EWD has the capabilities to create a custom packaging program to fit your needs.

At Edward W. Daniel, LLC we house both Standard & Custom parts that range from Domestic to Import that allow our customers to receive products on an “As Needed” basis which reduces inventory holding costs.

Edward W. Daniel Diamond-D Products Logo
Stainless steel eye bolts


Over the years, Edward W. Daniel, LLC has continued to expand it’s product line to cover the changing demands from our customers. Whether it’s a Standard or Custom requirement, EWD is here to create a program to have parts in-stock ready to ship to your schedule.

Edward W. Daniel Diamond-D Products Logo

Industries We Serve

At Edward W. Daniel, LLC we manufacture, acquire and stock products used for demanding applications across a broad range of industries.  We understand that while some projects may use standard components, there may be a need for custom parts as well.  With our extensive manufacturing capabilities, EWD has the resources to fulfill all your needs.

Forged steel hardware for elevator equipment


Forged steel hardware for equipment manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing

Forged steel hardware for pressure vessels

Pressure Vessel

Forged steel hardware for rigging equipment

Rigging & More

Edward W. Daniel Diamond-D Products Logo

Quality Industrial Hardware For Over 95 Years

With our 95 years of experience and expertise in the fastener industry, Edward W. Daniel, LLC understands the requirements for high quality Industrial Hardware.  Our “Diamond D” product line includes Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts, Turnbuckles, Rod Ends, Flanges and many more.  Our fastener hardware is available in a complete range of sizes and materials designed to serve your industrial application.